Improved Sleep with Essential Oil Candles

Improved Sleep with Essential Oil Candles

One of the perks of working at The Hygge Store is undoubtedly the opportunity to try out all the lovely products that we sell.  We stock a large range of candles from some wonderful candle makers and have been smugly burning all varieties of waxed scents around our homes in recent weeks – the smell is divine.
March 13, 2017 by The Hygge Store
The Hygge Store Spring Playlist

The Hygge Store Spring Playlist

Welcome to March and the final skip, hop and jump to longer days, warmer weather and time spent outdoors basking in sunshine.  For now, in England, we are still hiding away indoors from the rain and taking comfort in wooly blankets and warm drinks.  We’ve enjoyed some lazy months of box sets and board games and now we are starting to open up to the idea of change.  Thinking in terms of the weather we want, as opposed to the weather we have, we have compiled a list of our favourite songs to play in the early days of Spring.  This is the music that accompanies us through our Spring cleaning, the beginning of preparations in the garden as the grass begins to grow again and the first flowers begin to bloom, and it’s what we’re playing in the background when visitors arrive and we are reminded to relax and enjoy good company, food and drinks.  We would love to know what would be in your Hygge Spring Playlist?
March 05, 2017 by The Hygge Store
Have a flipping hyggelig time this pancake day!

Have a flipping hyggelig time this pancake day!

Over at Hygge HQ the day we’ve all been looking forward to is finally here - pancake day.  Traditionally a day for Christians to take stock and use up all their rich foods like eggs, milk and sugar prior to their 40 days of fasting for lent, it is now more commonly a day where our nation stocks up on eggs, milk and sugar in order to ensure mass batches of pancake mix for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
February 20, 2017 by The Hygge Store

Featured collection

Introducing our new makers - CosyRoom

The Story

There is literally nothing better than curling up after a long day, with a hot mug of tea, maybe a biscuit if the moment suits, a book or favourite film on and a few burning candles. It sets my evening up perfectly. As a wife and mum of a mini human, it’s become even more important to me to have that down time. We all need time out, time to relax, time to unwind – and this is how I do it.

So because of this minor (major) obsession with candles that I have – I decided to create my own brand of home fragrance products. With a name that was just so self explanatory, I decided to keep the design simple too – that way all our products will look beautiful in any home.

The Products

We like to keep our products as natural as we can, so where possible we use natural ingredients which we obtain from sustainable sources. It’s also important to us to help save the environment, so we use recycled packaging and glass for all our products where possible.

All our candles use plant based wax, with all ingredients being carefully sourced ensuring they are both sustainable and kind to the environment. Our candles are a natural alternative to petroleum based paraffin wax, which means that because of the natural ingredients we use, the candle is clean burning, additive free and is not tested on animals.

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